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Featured Food Edit

Fruit salad has appeared on the Island several times.Hurley is often the one preparing the salad; this might be a result of the choices he made with Libby about his eating habits. Charlie also courts Claire using a surprise bowl of fruit salad. Whip one up for your guests!

Featured Game Edit

Hurley defeats Sawyer in a game of horseshoes at the barracks due to his superior luck. "The Other Woman") This game is easy to set up in the back yard, and fun for everyone!

Featured Episode Edit

Lighthouse is the 5th episode of Lost Season 6 and the 108th produced hour of the series as a whole. It was first broadcast on February 23, 2010. Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission, and Jin stumbles across an old friend. Read More...

Dharma Initiative Dining Suggestions!
LOST party menu ideas, from Hurley's peanut butter to Sawyer's alcohol stash...

* Food Gathered by Survivors

* DHARMA-Brand Food

* The Others' Food

* Alcoholic Beverages
Entertainment for those pesky commercial breaks!
Lighten the mood with Connect Four, or heat things up with a game of "I Never..."

* Connect Four

* Texas Hold 'Em

* I Never

* "Jackface" Drinking Game

Need to catch up on episodes? Still wondering about Walt's powers? We've got everything you need to prepare for the finale.

* Season Guide

* Character Guide

* Mysterious Happenings

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