The News Section is under reconstruction.

The new site left hand picture contest is still going on, although there have been no entries as of yet. I'll recap the rules real quick.

1) It must contain the words: Hydaelyn's Handbook.

2) It must contain at least one type of art(see rule 3) from the game: A Discipline, a Flag, A Monster, the map or Eorzea, etc.

3) It can be in any form of Art, from digital to pastel.

4) Entries must be put on my talk page under the Picture Contest-Left Hand Image section.

5) You must make the text separate from the Image itself, save a copy of just the text and post it along with your finished-product. *This is important for a follow-up contest*

Entries into the contest should also be placed in my talk page under the Picture Contest Header.

Off-topic: I am putting thought into what to do about the forums. One of the admins from the German version of the FFXIV Wiki contacted me earlier about putting links between the two sites. I responded with a yes, and a proposal about making a multi-lingual forums so both sides can communicate with each other.

German-English FFXIV Wiki Joint Project News/Developments: First, see new poll regarding forums/skype/ventrillo. We are also considering a joint-Main Page but are still discussing it. I'll post more information/developments regarding this as they happen.

Note: these newest articles might not yet meet our quality standards, so please help them out and ensure that they don't duplicate existing efforts.

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Final Fantasy XIV (ファイナルファンタジーXIV, Fainaru Fantajī Fōtīn?), also known as Final Fantasy XIV Online, is the fourteenth entry in the Final Fantasy series. It is due for release on September 30th 2010 for PC (September 22nd for Collectors Edition on PC), and in March 2011 for PlayStation 3. It will be released simultaneously in all regions. Like Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game takes place in a land called Eorzea which will have an aesthetic blend of sci-fi and classic fantasy elements. The game will be released in English, Japanese, French and German.

The battle and job systems will be different than the one previously used in Final Fantasy XI, which utilized experience points. Character races and monsters will resemble those found in Final Fantasy XI to allow players to create avatars similar to ones created in Final Fantasy XI. Group play has been de-emphasized, and now solo and group play have been balanced. "Character development" will be altered depending on the type of weapons used.

By wielding different weapons and even crafting tools, players will be able to take on the role of their choosing such as Gladiator or Thaumaturge. In general, the different roles are divided into four disciplines: Disciplines of War (masters of combat arms), Disciplines of Magic (self-explanatory), Disciplines of the Land (gatherers of material resources and students of the natural order), and Disciplines of the Hand (crafters who invest their creative ingenuity in synthesis and industry). The crafting system will be a part of the Armory System; when a player decides to wield a Blacksmith hammer, their appearance will change and they will become a blacksmith. The same goes for harvesting tools; a player will be able to equip them and their appearance will change. They will then take on the role of a resource gatherer.